Bent or Curved Penis:

As known as PD, Peyronie's disease, curved penis, penile induration.

Bent Penis as known as PD, Peyronie's disease, curved penis, penile induration.
In most cases, a bent penis doesn't require treatment. Men's penises vary in shape and size, and it's common to have a slightly bent penis when you have an erection. Your penis may be bent to the side, upward or downward. However, you may need to see a doctor if your bent penis interferes with sex or causes pain. A bent penis is often a sign of Peyronie's disease, a scarring inside the penis that has several possible causes. Peyronie's Disease (PD) is the result of scar tissue forming inside the penis, causing it to curve or bend when erect or hard. The internal structure of the penis is divided into 3 compartments, and an erection occurs when 2 of these compartments, known as Copra cavernosa (erectile tissue), fill with blood. After an injury, a scar (hard thick fibrous material) forms in the lining that covers the erectile tissue, restricting the expansion of the penis during an erection. This scar acts like tape around a balloon, as it causes the erect penis to bend down, For a male, having a penis that has a "wow" in it like a hockey stick can be devastating. He may be reluctant to initiate sex in a new relationship fearing his partner will laugh or wonder if he has some new weird disease. For many couples, intercourse may be painful and for some it is impossible. Although this curvature could be a natural genetic trait, it could also be a condition called Peyronie's disease, after Dr. Francois de la Peyronie who first tried to treat it. Many males believe that the bend is the result of masturbating with their right hand, so the penis bends to the right. If that was true, all he would have to do is masturbate with his left hand and it would go straight. Well, that won't work. It was believed that the curvature was caused by an early childhood accident where a male was hit in his genitals, scar tissue formed over the years resulting in the formation of plaque which shortens that side of the penis causing it to bend to the side. It's like putting a piece of Scotch tape on the side of a balloon and blowing it up. You'll get the same sort of distortion. Some men can recall trauma or injury during intercourse, and in fact, this wear and tear on the wiener seems to account for the median age of the onslaught of Peyronie's - age 55. For some males, the Peyronie's resolves itself; in extreme cases, it progresses to calcification causing a disabling curvature that requires surgery to repair. At present, there is no reliable explanation as to the cause of this condition.or point off to the side.
Bent Penis Is NOT Actually A Disease:
Bent penis or "Peyronies Disease" is actually a condition. Like a callous on your foot. Or a scar from a burn. It is scar tissue plain and simple ("fibrous plaques" is the fancy technical term. The one that is supposed to make it sound really serious. Therefore: expensive). Bent penis is a simple condition that is very easy to fix. Scar tissue is very hard tissue. It does not stretch much. It is the hard scar tissue that restricts the stretching of the skin on part of the penis. This makes the penis bend in the direction of the scarring when the other penile tissue expands (during erection). That's all there is to it. Bent penis is no more a disease than any other scar. If you cut your hand deeply, and it forms a big scar when it heals, do you have a disease? Of course not! What about a callous on your foot? Oooo, are you now diseased? Ridiculous! But, it scares the bejesus out of us! It really is almost never serious. But, it can look and feel absolutely awful!

Symptoms :
Could feel a hard lump or plaque under the skin
A lump may either occur suddenly after trauma, or take months to develop.
Pain is a common symptom that happens when the penis is erect.
Swelling can occur above the scar.
Penis may be narrowed or bent.
Multiple curves are possible.
Base of the penis could be rigid or hard.
Penis is not flexible.
Impotence or loss of sexual desire can occur.
Marital problems
Causes :
As you've learned, almost always (even in somewhat grotesque circumstances) a bent penis is really no different and no more serious than any other scar on your body. So, you can stop worrying. You’re not a freak. It is estimated to occur in about 4% of men over 40. It usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 60. But, can happen at any time. Even to very young men. The cause of a bent penis is not always known. Between 10 and 25 per cent of men with bent penis have Dupuytren's contracture. (Dupuytren's contracture is a claw-like deformity in which the little finger, the ring finger and, sometimes, other fingers bend over towards the palm of the hand.) Genetics, injury, circulatory problems, diabetes seem to increase the chance of bent penis. Any trauma or even physical abuse can cause it. Injections into the penis for erectile dysfunction increase the chance of it. Even rough sex can do it. The penile tissues are delicate and break down easily. Scar tissue is a harder more protective tissue. So multiple small "insignificant" injuries can cause the problem. That is also why it appears more often later in life. Cumulative trauma effects. Bent penis can also cause great problems during intercourse, causing pain to either partner.
You don't have to suffer with a bent penis.
Trauma during sexual intercourse -- accidental bending or hitting the penis may cause internal bleeding and scar formation. Genetics (abnormality of genes) -- there may be an association with another disease known as Dupuytren's contraction (scarred and curved 4th finger) linked to a protein known as HLA-B27 antigen.

How the diagnosis is made :
The patient's general doctor will consult with an urologist.
Medications and allergies
Habits, especially sexual.
A medical exam reveals a curve or scar.
The size and shape of the penis is documented.
There may be contractions of 4th finger.
Picture of the penis may be taken.
Urologist may inject a substance in the penis called Prostaglandin E1, and then use a machine called a Doppler (uses sound) to see the internal structure of the penile cavities.
Calcium deposits can be seen in old scars.
Risk Factors:
Repeated trauma
Urological or pelvic surgery
Vigorous sex especially when female is on top and bending backwards
Dupuytren's contraction
Normally, scars or plaques slowly resolve on their own without treatment.
Those with no symptoms are watched closely.
Many medications, such as Vitamin E cream and Potaba have been tried, but most produce limited or no benefits.
Injection of Verapamil (blood pressure medicine), steroids, and other medications into the scar has been known to help.
Cholchicine and Tamoxifen (anti-cancer drugs) have been tried.
Surgery is reserved for severe cases, because it is an extremely complex procedure. Because of this, it is usually held as a last resort.

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