Proven Research


Research Taseer's main asset is its knowledge base and the backup of research initiatives through modern science. Taseer deals mainly with traditional Tib-e-Unani products; we take care to conduct rigorous trials and Taseer Research Foundation (TRF), set up in 1989 as an independent research organisation, spearheads the R&D activity of the Company.
TRF is well equipped with the most modern research facilities and more than 125 highly qualified scientists from diverse fields like Hukma(Herbal physician), chemists and phytochemists, botanists, agronomists, clinical pharmacologists, microbiologists, food technologists, bio-technologists, oil technologists, oncologists, and so on. We have been involved in developing products for consumer applications as well as highly specialised areas of genomics, proteomics and bio-informatics. Through the ceaseless quest of our scientists in northern areas, Taseer has been able to mark a presence even in critical aspects of health care like cancer therapy.General health status remain positive throughout the year.

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