Male Sexual Performance Enhancer
Majoon Faulad Ambri

Herbal Supplement

For a Harder Erection and to Promote Better Male Sexual Health,& Stamina.

Discover this Amazing 100% Premium Herbal Supplement that gives you permanent rock hard lasting erections, intense and satisfying climaxes that boosts your desire to have sex. You experience its magic work in week with satisfaction Guaranteed" Because  "We Take Care Of Your Health, You Enjoy Your Sex Performance".

This Formula is an all natural food supplement containing a variety of nutritional ingredients known to help promote sexual desire and function. By taking our formula you should experience an increase in sexual desire, an improvement in your size and performance, as well as increased energy and pleasure during sexual activity. Sexual tonic will give harder erections which is needed for greater orgasm in men. Majoon foulad Ambri is specifically formulated with a variety of  nutritional ingredients known for years for increasing sexual desire and performance . In order to understand how these herbs assist in sexual enhancement it is first necessary to understand the process of sexual arousal. An erection is a complex event that requires the interaction of the brain sexual enhancement and performance. When you are sexually aroused the chambers remain open and the exit gates close. When the exit gates closes the blood that remains in the penis gives you your erection. majoon formula contains natural herbs & nutritional ingredients known to increase blood flow resulting in larger, firmer and harder erections.

Majoon Faulad Ambri
Useful in Erectile Dysfunction
Improves Stamina
Enhances Pleasures
Strengthens the Nervous Tissue
Increases Sexual Desire
Intensify Pleasure
Revitalises Body & Mind

Is a safe and natural way to increase sexual pleasure for both women and men. Women’s sexual enhancement, as well as mens, can easily be accomplished with natural remedies.

This supplement is not based on temporary treatment of sexul dysfuction like Viagra. It is permanent treatment of sexually weakness, vigour ,vitality, stamina, energy, sexual Asthenia, Impotency,male & female libido, premature ejaculation, and male infertility. This sex tonic is very useful in after effects of Viagra. Majoon faulad Ambri gives energy to whole body in weakness of after the using long time viagra.

Majoon Faulad Ambri Is Better Than Viagra"

How It Works?

Herbal Sex Tonic

Majoon Faulad Ambri is a purely natural and safe product with out any side effects. If Majoon Faulad Ambri is taken regularly 4 to 6 months, it gives an extra ordinary hard-on to men.
For both women and men, there are several herbal extracts that are safe and effective for female and male sexual enhancement. Take a look at the following female aphrodisiacs and extract for male sexual enhancement:
Finding a High Quality Herbal Sex Tonic"                                                       

Majoon Faulad Ambri HERBAL SEX supplement
- No embarrassing doctors visits.
- No prescriptions needed. 100% Natural Formula.
- Free World Wide shipping, direct to your door.
- Suitable for all ages, and has a 99% success rate.

Should you take all of these herbs & fresh nuts separately or together in one comprehensive formula?

We recommend that you take these herbs & fresh nuts together if possible for many reasons:

1. Taking each ingredient separately could prove very costly as you would have to buy many different herbal sex tonics.

2. Mixing and matching ingredients on your own could be dangerous to your health.

3. Many ingredients working together can offer more sexual enhancement, which can be more effective than a single ingredient on its own.

4. All of these ingredients have to be balanced perfectly in order to be optimally effective.

We have found natural sexual enhancement products that contain all natural ingredients for sex in a synergized natural sex tonic. The products are specially formulated for women and men and contain all natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to stimulate sexual activity as well as promote overall health and well-being.

We thoroughly researched the company that makes these natural formulas and have found that they adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Lastly, all of the nutritional products are formulated by a highly trained, highly credentialed scientific team that can blend these ingredients perfectly to ensure that they offer the maximum benefits to your body.

Many of our male and female staff as well as our visitors have experienced success with this high quality herbal sex tonic and have noted an increase in sexual desire and sexual energy, and an overall feeling of good health.

Majoon Faulad Ambri is a purely natural and safe product with out any side effects. If Majoon Faulad Ambri is taken regularly, it gives an extra ordinary hard-on to men.

How to increase sex playing time?


Majoon Faulad Ambri is an excellent product to increase the sexual playing time of a man. If a normal man, takes two table spoon of Majoon Faulad Ambri regularly for atleast 4 to 6 months, it will double or more his sexual playing time. Taking one Erectophil tablet along with Majoon Faulad Ambri enhances the results and also improves sex health. Please note, Majoon Faulad Ambri is for permanent removal of Premature Ejaculation. It is not for use of increasing the sex playing time in one day. The recommended dosage is 2 table spoons daily for 40 days. (Alone or with one capsule or one Erectophil tablet each day).

Majoon Faulad Ambri Natural Supplement                               
100% Herbal Sensation   
But not only SEX, but GREAT SEX!
Maintains rock hard erections, Increases the length, strength and thickness of your erections. Enhances your sex drive, libido and sexual desire

Majoon Faulad Ambri
Natural Supplement                                           
provides a quick energy boost to start your day without artificial stimulants

Majoon Faulad Ambri   Natural Supplement                                             
Relaxes The Nervous System                              
Strengthen the Nervous system. Relaxing & Sedative Properties

natural supplement 
Keeps you on the move by restoring the mobility and flexibility

Majoon Faulad Ambri natural supplement
HEART, LIVER & BRAIN TONIC                                                                                     Improve
concentration, memory and balanced mood in all ages. Alleviates fatigue, soothes the uncomfortable feelings of the liver, and is a tonic formula to the liver. Strengthens the heart muscles and maintains the heart functioning properly.

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